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History Begins in 2022

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About our hotel

Wanderlust Fuvahmulah is located in the heart of Fuvahmulah. The cosmopolitan vibes have been seamlessly blended into a tranquil, private ambience that sets the pace for a memorable experience at this exclusive guesthotel on the island. Built upon the core foundation of being a sustainable and eco-friendly hotel, Wanderlust Fuvahmulah is a haven of comforts and modern luxuries waiting to be savoured by the discerning traveller. The beautifully appointed rooms and suites are designed to suit the modern day traveller and decorated with a contemporary touch to mark its cosmopolitan presence. The dining options at the Wanderlust Fuvahmulah will take your palate on an exquisite journey around the world with a hidden touch of local flavours. Wanderlust Fuvahmulah is an oasis of guilt-free luxuries that will transform your travel experience and inspire you to embrace a lifestyle of eco-friendly living.


Working with passion, our aim is to do our best in everything we do.


We strive to achieve business excellence by constantly pushing boundaries.


We are trustworthy and abide by our strong moral principles all the time.